JP ‘Nikri’ Rarewal

JP “Nikri” Singh Rarewala, son of the first Chief Minister of PEPSU, narrates his eyewitness account chronicling the devastation he witnessed at Harimander Sahib immediately following the June attacks and thereafter. He also shares his harrowing experience navigating a murderously chaotic Delhi during the November violence.

His meetings and correspondence with those in power, from army generals in Amritsar to Indian and US Officials in Delhi present a very personal and poignant tale detailing the systematic, calculated nature of the mayhem’s perpetration and the impact of the violence in 1984 on the livelihoods and psyches of Sikhs thereafter.

Below photo of Rarewala is from his days at Stanford University. TIME Magazine,1956, on the TV show “You Bet Your Life” with Groucho Marx.