Harrup Kaur

“I remember we went to Darbar Sahib a few years later…You’re going up the marble steps and then suddenly you pick your face, and the cool wind blows…and I didn’t realize I had been crying.”

Dr. Harrup Kaur was only nine years old during the massacres of 1984, but they shaped her identity in the years that followed. At protests in Vancouver, Canada, she too would pick up the megaphone and shout, resonating with the pain of her elders. As she grew up, she felt the importance of coming together as Sikhs and recognizing our power in solidarity.

Today, her son is nine years old – the same age she was in 1984. Her hope for his generation? “That they will continue to engage the world community so that justice is served. That they will not forget about the people who [suffered]. That they will never be afraid to speak up, even and especially when it is uncomfortable to speak up.”