Deepi Kaur

Today my teenage son is interested in 1984, reads about it, and we talk about it…I am unafraid,” Deepi Kaur told the 1984 Living History team during this compelling interview. In Preet Vihar, New Delhi, teenager Deepi Kaur, saw the family’s gas station on fire as hundreds gathered for blood. Then, came the yell. Her Chachaji (uncle) was threatening to throw a gas cylinder into the crowd, into the flames—if they were to die, they would ensure the murderers would die too. Even as crowd scurried away,  the family’s ordeal continued as Deepi’s father and his sister remained missing for 15 days till some Hindu friends located them sheltered in a gurudwara. Then, the schools re-opened: “It was hard to back to school and find your friends missing…” Through everything, Deepi remembers the Sikh pride & fearlessness displayed by her family and friends.