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  • Reshma Singh, Berkeley, California

    Reshma Singh, Berkeley, California

    (English) Childhood witness of 84, Reshma Singh (a Harvard grad, now working at UC Berkeley, California) recounts coming back to Guru Harkrishan Public School in Vasant Vihar, Delhi after the violence abated on the streets. “When we entered our beautiful classrooms with all of our posters up there, we saw the walls were completely charred, the ceiling fans were hanging, melted, upside down, and all of us students spent the first week tearing out sheets of our notebooks and scraping […]

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  • Davinder Kaur

    Davinder Kaur

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  • Ginnipal Singh

    Ginnipal Singh

    Ginnipal Singh can recall his striking memories of 1984 with frightening detail. It was a time in his life that he sums up in a few vivid anecdotes, beginning with the night that he, his family-friends, and his family spent in the back of a home in Benaras threatened by the anti-Sikh mob breaking in and wreaking havoc. He remembers the gun he was given as a child for protection that same night, and the feeling of hopelessness that settled […]

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  • Sardul Singh

    Sardul Singh

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  • Narinder Pal Singh and Jagdeep Kaur

    Narinder Pal Singh and Jagdeep Kaur

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