About This Project

1984 Living History Project’s mission is to mark the watershed year of 1984 through capturing the stories  of anti-Sikh violence in India, while recognizing the survival and resilience of a people.  

Through a do-it-yourself easy process, everyone can contribute videos to the Project and build our archive of Living History. See our step-by-step Toolkit . (http://www.1984livinghistory.org/share-a-story/) for more information

This Project seeks to build awareness of state-sponsored human rights violations, suppression of information & social trauma.

Whether in Punjab, in Delhi, in Calcutta, in California, in Singapore, Nairobi or anywhere else in the world, any Sikh old enough to remember 1984 has a story to tell!

The 1984 Living History Project is a tribute to survival and strength. This Project was born at Saanjh, during a Bay Area Sikh leadership retreat, as young U.S. students and professionals discussed the importance of preserving memories, story-telling, and developing a layered understanding of the 1984 events that changed the Sikh people forever.

The videos we began collecting illustrated one fact: Sikhs will forever share 1984 as a common experience, across differences, as a community; whether direct victims of violence, or then in faraway places; whether bankers or farmers or doctors or government employees; whether men or women or girls or boys; whether young or old; whether rich or poor; whether professionals or students;  whether politically left-wing or right-wing or in between …

So, help us with this project of remembrance and solidarity!

During 2014, marking 30 years since the deadly events of 1984, we marked a Year of Videos.

We invite you to submit a video, or tens of videos, that simply capture what an individual remembers about 1984, the June Army attacks and/or the November pogroms, and how  True to the spirit equal representation and opportunity, we strongly encourage all to, as far as possible, record videos that follow a similar format.

Please read the Toolkit for Your Video (http://www.1984livinghistory.org/share-a-story/) with resources in Punjabi and English before making  your own videos.

Thanks for preserving our virsaa, our living history.


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